Places to Eat: Suqui’s Diner, Intramuros, Manila

Suqui’s Diner is a little gem in Intramuros, Manila that’s within walking distance from SM Manila, Manila Bulletin, Mapua Institute of Technology, Lyceum, and Letran and around the corner from Adam’s (an art store/grocery/call center training grounds) and 711. You can find it right next to Magallane’s Dormitory on Magallanes Street. I used to eat here when I was a student, but just dropped by again today.


The great thing is Suqui’s Diner is indoors (I was never comfortable eating at the other outdoor karinderyas). They have a nice ambiance with chalkboard menus & vintage books and decor. Also, if it’s raining (ehem, it’s rainy season, kids!) you get to enjoy your food somewhere nice, dry and not McDonald’s or 711! A few cons are it’s not that big and students usually fill up the space. They were playing a few offensive songs from the local radio, which to me didn’t suit the vibe they were going for with the interior decor. Don’t expect to eat in quiet. You’ll surely hear what the other table is talking about. (Which is alright, I guess, if you’re chismosa.)

Fried Bangus
Fried Bangus- P75
Bento 1: Chicken
Bento 1: Pork- P85, Iced Tea- P20
Onion Rings
Onion Rings- P55

Suqui’s Diner is perfect for hungry students and local travelers. Why? It fits a student’s budget with meals under P100 and they serve a hefty amount to quiet your belly. Local travelers can also take a break from walking the walls, visiting Silahi’s, or riding that kalesa and choose from pinoy or world-wide inspired meals and support the locals.

Where: Intramuros, Manila
Budget: P50-P150
Serving Size: Hefty
Ambiance: 3.5/5

Try it for yourself and leave a comment to let me know what you think.

PS. They serve FREE iced tea from 9-11am and 6-9pm.