Thanks October!

We’ve only got 2 months left in 2015. Before I jump in and welcome November and the Christmas feels that come with it, I want to write about and remember how good October ’15 has been to me. I accomplished quite a lot. I’m not ashamed, or scared to sound braggy, to say that I’m really proud of myself. I hardly acknowledge this or other compliments from others, but you know what, it’s actually alright to pat yourself on the back. To think, this time last year, I was just doodling in my notebook and beginning to share my work online!

My October Highlights:

  1. I held my first workshop for Kahel Crafts! 
    This one’s a life goal. Kahel’s Passion Workshop was a success. I really enjoyed teaching others and I learned that I still have so far to go. Kudos to Ate Tanya and Rigs for helping me out! And Cafe MITHI for being our venue.
  2. I reached a personal milestone at work.
    Hard work and patience finally paid off!
  3. I registered to vote!
    My mom still walked me through it and I almost didn’t, but I did! I hope this country can change for the better.
  4. I bought a Parol for the family.
    Another life goal accomplished.
  5. Detox-ed relationships.
    It’s easy to say, but hard to do. Sometimes you have to prune to let yourself grow. (Thanks Tita Phlor, for helping me realize this.)
  6. I was Lilo for a day.
    Ate Tanya helped me pull together the costume and Rigs spent lunch out on a shoot with me. 🙂
  7. I literally stumbled upon a cafe better than one I could’ve dreamt up!

In conclusion, it was an awesome month! 🙂


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